"Olive" is a motorized (kinetic) fishlike creature that turns its head from side to side, moves its fins and antennae, and swishes her tail back and forth. Her eyes are made from motorcycle taillights and light up and she has is a small electric light in her abdomen. through areas that are cut away, you can see her inner workings. 

watch the video:

Olive is made with bicycle chain, bicycle cogs, bicycle hubs, bicycle dropouts, a bicycle derailleur, motorcycle turn signals, motorcycle timing chain, lawnmower engine head cover, vintage chromed brass surgical tools, hand cut and formed steel, laser cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, 1/50 hp 9.4 rpm motor, AC and DC lights, and enamel paint. Olive’s motor is positioned horizontally. This geared motor is then geared a second and third time through the use of bicycle chain and cogs to create varying speeds and movements. 

Including the base, she is 45in x 22in x 28in.

Olive is currently available for purchase via the Redmond Airport for $22,000. Contact the Airport Administration Office 541-504-3499 or contact me directly

See how Olive was made: